Refund Policy

We sell second hand books (used books) unless otherwise stated.

All books in general good condition with no pages missing. Please check legend under Condition of books before buying.

No guarantee given express or implied regarding condition of books. No liability accepted, implicit or explicit, w.r.t. condition of books.


We offer Refunds for Books (Orders) which are cancelled before shipping. We generally ship orders quickly, hence a cancellation and refund request has to received by us on email within 2 hours of order confirmation.


We also offer refunds for books returned to us by IndiaPost Parcel service. This generally takes 2 weeks. Please take prior approval for refund before sending the book(s) back to us. We can be contacted on WhatsApp and email. We also need tracking details to be shared with us after a parcel is sent back. Please check the Contact Us link for our address for returns.


It may be noted that all refunds will be exclusive of bonus and discounts provided. The customer will be refunded only what is paid by customer, and in no case will any additional bonus be paid out as any kind of refund.















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